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Primitive Camping

"This place is beautiful! You will have opportunities to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, colorful flowers, clip-clap of horse drawn carriages, a gorgeous lake and many walking trails with wildlife."

Primitive Camping

A getaway from the rush of everyday life. 

Enjoy 1 of our 2 primitive cabins with a private setting with trees, trails, green and God given beauty everywhere. The cabins are minimal & can sleep 3-5. Bring your food and cook on the open fire and enjoy the sounds of the woods.

We have 2 primitive cabins. 
One is located by the Little Elkhart River at the south end of our farm. In the right time of year, depending on rainfall. People rent the canoes or Kayak to enjoy fun on the river. Once you get into the river the bottom is mostly gravel and sand.


Our other primitive cabin is located across Mirror Lake and can be seen (in winter) from the house and the Bunkhouse. You can enjoy the morning sun rise on the lake and fishing from the pier. Firewood, fire ring, fire grate is provided at both cabins. Bunkhouse guests, myself or other family members may pass through the woods. But you and your family/group are the only campers in our woods.

Primitive Camping Details

* You are the only campers in the 15 acre woods. But you may see me and a few friends on horse back. Or the gator on a path.

* You will be doing all your own cooking on the open fire. 

* This is a camping experience so bring appropriate attire.

* 2 miles from Mirror Lake is a very nice public beach and lake called Dallas Lake Beach. It is open to the public for your enjoyment. There is also a very nice park with playgrounds. There is also a very nice park uptown Topeka. Or another very nice part about 4 miles from your lake called Delt Church Park.

Things that you will want to bring along:

*Flashlights or lanterns (please do NOT bring fire tiki torches. For these are large fire hazards)

* Bug spray

* Your own toiletries

* Your own pillows and bedding

* Water for drinking and cleaning

* Your own pots and pans for cooking

* Your own table service and plates


When departing from your stay:

* Leave the cabin and the campsite in the condition that you found it!

* Make sure your fire is out

* Please put all your trash in the dumpster on the west side (right) of the first white barn on the hill.

* Return the cabin key to the black cast iron mailbox.

Old Phil
(Pictured Above) 

Nestled just on the other side of Mirror Lake. With unbeatable sunrise views, this relaxing cabin is perfect for camping and spending time alone or with family & friends. 

Inside the cabin there is a large bunkbed for sleeping, small table and chair.

Little Elk

The river cabin is nestled in the 15 acre woods. This is a private campsite. It borders the Little Elkhart River. There are mowed trails in the woods for riding or walking.

Inside the 12' x 14' cabin are 2 futons for sleeping, small kitchen table, and 2 chairs.



(Pictured Below)

There is no running water, no electricity, and an outhouse for a bathroom.

You will do all of your own cooking over a camp fire. You will need to bring your own water for cleanup and drinking. We provide all firewood and a cooking grate.

You are welcome to rent a canoe or kayak for enjoyment on the Little Elkhart River! You will need to make reservations for any watercraft. You will come to the main house to get the paddles and the lifejackets that are required in a boat. But if you intend to fish you MUST have a Indiana fishing license.

When you’re finished, return the lifejackets and the paddles to the main house. Leave them at my swing on the patio that way I can inspect them and make sure everything comes back in the same condition they left. Paddles that are broken and will be REPLACED BY THE CAMPERS!

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